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1102 Which country are these products made from? 12/24/2020

1100 Is this gabe 10?? Or 9??comes with container cover? 2/17/2020

1095 Does this set come with a grid surface? If not, is this an important part of Froebel's technique that I should try to aquire or create? 4/12/2019

1092 Is the free shipping at $75 also to Canada? 11/30/2018

1091 Dear Reader, I'm giving my order as gifts, is there any option for gift wrap? Thank you. Sincerely, Susan 11/26/2018

1090 These are so cool! Are the images painted, stamped, glued on, decals, or ??? I'm going to ask for these for Christmas - IF I can hold out that long! Dawn Tucker, O'Fallon, MO 8/24/2018

1065 Is this train track compatible with the Thomas the Train set? 12/16/2015

1063 I would like to use paypal to pay for a purchase. Is that possible. I am very apprehensive about giving out credit card information to an online site. 10/17/2015

1044 I'm a little confused about gift number seven. It comes in paper or wood is there an advantage or disadvantage to one versus the other? 11/25/2014

1037 Would this be a good book to use in a co-op class? Mainly can the parent teach it without any previous knowledge? 5/20/2014

1036 Do the laying sticks and the rings come in a box with sliding lid like the other gifts or is that only available with the sets? 4/24/2014

1035 I was wondering if this set contains the same number of pieces/same colors as the other individually sold gifts you offer. For example, I think the wooden tablets in Gift 7 have 768 pieces, so would this set be equivalent to buying all of them individually? Thanks! 4/10/2014

1025 It looks like only one pattern card is shipped with the product. Are there more pattern cards available? 9/24/2013

1024 How long does priority mail take? 9/23/2013

1022 Are these acid-free paper ? 7/30/2013